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New beta version of Cheat Engine 7.6 is currently in development, but you can already try its features and functions which are absent in previous versions. Cheat Engine 7.6 may be unstable on some devices, please be aware of this before you finally decide to test it. Beta version 7.6 has received various improvements and fixes, one of them is high speed, scanning even on weak devices.

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For Cheat Engine 7.6 so far you can choose only one language, English, it is set by default, but when the full release, we almost on the day of its release, we will publish the Russifier so that Russian-speaking users can fully use the program without knowledge of English.

In the settings of the Cheat Engine 7.6 Beta added additional tabs with functions that will help in the work with the creation of trainers (Tranier), in addition, writing and editing code Lua, now will be much easier, as added tips and automatic fixes (options) when writing or copying it. In the rest in the settings menu, the same will not be special changes, in general, compare everything yourself. If you actively worked in this menu, the difference will be noticeable, of course for the better.

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Since the program Cheat Engine 7.6, as mentioned above, is still being finalized, so we will not publish a detailed list of fixes and improvements, you can read everything when the full release. This is actually all, who have the desire can test the new version now or wait for a fully revised program. You can download Cheat Engine 7.6 Beta from the links below in this article.


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